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Tattoo of Thailand & Art for Belive

Tattoo or Sakyun means the dipping ink or oil spike pierced the skin to mark the character or pattern.If the tattoo ink called ink-tattoo, if the oil called oil-tattoo.
Tattoo or Yan means written down on a piece of metal or fabricand to the character or number to use as a talisman. The tattoo have many rites such as before written down on skin must be Wai Kru. Because of in a tattoo have contain magic. Tattoo is one of culture and art of skin in Thailand long time ago. Some symbol of tattoo can be film of skin . The enemy can not shoot out of the gun and sword can not cut the skin or help to escape from a bad situation.

Patterns popular of the tattoo designs that for 2 types.One for popular for another one is Mahaniyom type. The form was found often is a lizard or bird tattoo. The second is Sarika bird to be a charming for everyone or a good result for trade of merchant.
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